ARTBider: Empowering Art Enthusiasts with Unprecedented Access to the Art Market

ARTBider: Empowering Art Enthusiasts with Unprecedented Access to the Art Market

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In 2022, ARTBider emerged with a mission to revolutionize the art market by simplifying access to an extensive price database and a vast collection of fine art lots exhibited, listed, and sold in auction houses. With the advent of the Internet, the art world has become more accessible to connoisseurs, and strives to unite everyone on a single platform.

At its core, ARTBider aims to democratize the art market by offering easy access to valuable information and resources. The platform has curated one of the largest databases of art sales, spanning back to 1970, providing invaluable insights and analytics to art enthusiasts, collectors, and professionals alike. From auctions to price databases, analytics to artist and artwork management, ARTBider offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to cater to the diverse needs of the art market.

Headquartered in Pune, India, ARTBider also maintains a branch office in London, United Kingdom, catering to a global audience of art lovers and collectors. The platform offers a keyword-searchable price database containing over 10 million auction results from 1500 auction houses worldwide, with detailed information such as title, categories, medium, and artwork dates.

One of ARTBider's standout features is here its extensive artist database, boasting records of over 500,000 artists, complete with market performance metrics, biographies, and art genres. Users get more info can stay ahead of the competition with real-time updates on the art market, including upcoming auctions, news, and events.

Moreover, ARTBider offers personalized alerts for users' favorite artists, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to bid on desired artworks or attend related events. The platform provides in-depth insights into artists' performance, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Powered by advanced algorithms, ARTBider delivers key indicators of artists' and auctions' performance, including total lots sold, average selling price, selling rate, top-performing countries, and more. These insights enable users to make better judgments and navigate the art market with confidence.

In conclusion, ARTBider stands as a pioneering force in the art industry, bridging the gap between art enthusiasts and the vast world of fine art. Through innovation, accessibility, and comprehensive services, ARTBider empowers individuals to explore, engage, and invest in the captivating realm of art 000 artists 10 million plus auctioned results across 1500 auction houses like never before.

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